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- Are you interested in automated ballistic expertise?

  - Have you ever heard of the EVOFINDER /CONDOR ballistic identification systems?


  - This is the right address. We have what you want. Ours is a unique 17-experience of creating an effective tool for ballistic expertise from initial idea to operating units. All of EVOFINDER/CONDOR systems were developed by one and the same team headed by one and the same person. And now the name of our team is ScannBI Technology ltd.


                                                                                                             Dear visitors! Our web site information took up residence to a new address:   evofinder.com   Wellcome ! ! !

  Dr. Michael Derenovsky, Director                                             
  E-mail: M.Derenovsky@biscondor.com 




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Welcome to our website. We hope not only professionals and those involved in this sphere will benefit from the information it features.

Being among the most formalized aspects of forensic expertise, ballistic identification expertise is quite intricate and requires of an expert not only extensive knowledge, but also broad experience.

Due to a number of natural causes, like a great amount of relatively similar objects, the necessity of the ballistic expertise automation came to be evident, while the development of computer technologies in the early 90-ies made it possible.

During the many years of the Automated Ballistic Identification systems project development we have analyzed thousands and thousands of ballistic expertise specimens. We have learned to quickly and efficiently turn real specimens into digital virtual ones. We have taught them to find each other among masses of those alike. We have accumulated a huge experience and will be glad to share it with you

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